Blackwater Gulch - Gangfights in the Old West
Blackwater Gulch - Gangfights in the Old West

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terran-medium1 Terran Medium Mech 3D Prints

I just got the 3D prints for the Terran Medium mech. This is the 28mm scale version. I’ll have the 15mm done soon. He’s held together with sticky poster putty, so he’s not posed very well. But, as you can … Continue reading

hazard-renders Mechadrome Arena Hazard Renders

I just got the 3D files for the Arena Hazards, so I put together some 3D renders to show how big they will be. As you can see, they’re half as tall as a light mech or less, but kind … Continue reading

title-image Mechadrome Kickstarter Postponed

I have decided to cancel the Mechadrome Kickstarter campaign, but I¬†will be re-launching in about a month, so all is not lost! It became pretty clear that most people were interested in 28mm mechs, so that will be the new … Continue reading

tc Tranquility Crew Available Now!

Howdy folks! It’s new release day! Tranquility Crew, Doc Lloyd and Shamus McFox are available now! You can get them direct from Game Salute’s online store with the links below or you can find a shop that carries our minis … Continue reading

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