Unsung Bundle

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The Unsung is lead by the infamous monster hunter, J. W. Clarkson. Joining him is the former Blackwater Rail Lines engineer, Colin Buchannan. Ruthie May, daugher of the preacher at the Blackwater Chapel, blesses their weapons against evil creatures. Janey Bower, famous moonshiner and all round rogue, was discovered in the woods, half mad but intent on killing the demons that savaged her best customer. Her moonshining skills were turned to creating firewater, a deadly weapon that cleanses dens of beasts. Finally Van Dyke, a bounty hunter, caught up with Clarkson and his gang, intent on claiming the bounty put on the boss’ head by the railroad company. It was their belief that Clarkson massacred the railroad workers, but within an hour of catching up to the Unsung, Van Dyke saw the true beast that wandered in the shadows, and signed on. Finally, three of the Blackwater Gulch’s deputies have joined them to provide extra muscle in tough situations.

3D Printed Resin Miniatures. Contains 8 30mm round bases.


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