Blackwater Gulch
Western Horror Skirmish Game
The gold rush brought countless souls to Blackwater Gulch from miles around, seeking fortune and fame. Greedy prospectors and miners dug too far and too deep, awakening a great evil bent on the destruction of all mortal life. Each day noble lawmen, crooked outlaws, savage beasts and the cursed dead turn the town streets into war zones as they fight for dominance and for survival.

In Blackwater Gulch, you and your friends will collect highly detailed horror and wild west miniatures and form gangs or posses to do battle in the town and outskirts, earning fame and valuable loot along the way. Will you fight to save the town, or destroy it?

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Our new rulebook is available now! This 96-page hardcover books contains the comple rules including creating custom characters and running story-driven campaigns. You will also find a complete history of the town of Blackwater Gulch, maps, stories and infamous gang profiles!

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Blackwater Gulch is a town divided with four factions are vying for total control. Will the crooked Outlaws strip the town of all of it’s valuables? Can the savage Beasts rid the land of of the human scourge? Would the wicked Cursed devour the souls of all the living? Or will the noble Lawmen stand tall and keep order among the chaos? Click below to learn more about the factions!