It’s Here!

The Gangfight rulebook is available now, hot off the presses! With these rules you will be able to play tabletop skirmish games with any miniatures you wish, in a variety of different settings.

Join the Gangfighter’s Guild!

Become a Gangfighter to download our Gangfight Universal Skirmish Rules, plus Blackwater Gulch rules, along with free access to our new Online Gangbuilder app.

Want to Extend Your Game?

Join is on Patreon to also download our rules, in addition to lots of other downloadable goodies. We’ve got printable character cards to get you into the action faster, plus many upcoming setting supplements that will extend your Gangfights far beyond what’s in the core rulebook. You can also get access to download a selection of 3D printer files for our miniatures with different selections each month.

The Wolfpack has arrived!

The savage Wolfpack has returned to Blackwater Gulch to bolster the forces protecting the Wormwood Forest. Led by the ancient alpha werewolf, Croatoan, the Wolfpack aims to remove the scourge of mankind and bring the land back to wilder days.

The Wolfpack are available in three separate packs for easy gangbuilding, or all together in a bundle at a reduced price. Click below to learn more!