Clancy Gang Bundle

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Around Blackwater Gulch, speak the name Clancy and see the fear explode in the eyes of all who hear it. And it is with just cause that they shy away, or hurry back down the street as soon as anyone brave enough or stupid enough dare speak about the Clancy family.

Ever since they came to the town they have all but owned it, through intimidation, racketeering and flat-out blatant thuggery and now under the stern leadership of the eldest of the Clancy clan, Wilt “deadeye” Clancy, they look set to start expanding their grip of terror into the surrounding territories.

Wilt often spends his time in the Golden Coin, drinking all the whiskey and roughing up the few girls that still work in the broken down rooms, while downstairs in the saloon his boys take what little money the patrons have either through games of shotgun-poker or jumping them in the alleys when they stagger out to wander home.

The Clancy gang and Wilt Clancy in particular, have been linked to numerous murders in the Blackwater Gulch area, murders that were sanctioned by the mysterious head of the family Claytus Clancy, and yet no one has been brought to stand trial, so far is the reach of Claytus that sheriff and judge alike fear what may happen should they start to look too closely into the affairs of the Clancy family.

3D Printed Resin Miniatures. Contains 8 30mm round bases.


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