Gangfight is a new game designed to recreate skirmish battles on the tabletop. It is a dynamic, multi-genre, miniature-neutral game that uses realism to simulate small battles with your friends.

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Gameworlds Included


Chronicle is our fantasy setting, featuring all of your favorite monsters and races like Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and more! This is also where you will find all of the special rules for magical abilities and equipment.

Pictured above is a warband created using miniatures from Signum Games.


Aeon is our Science Fiction setting, featuring powerful high-tech weaponry, hackers and malevolent alien creatures. This is where you will find also find special rules for heavy armor suits and mechs.

Pictured above are miniatures from Deadzone by Mantic Games.

First Strike

First Strike is our Modern Day setting, where you control squads of military personnel delployed in covert or not-so-covert situations around the globe. The First Strike rules can also be used to depict battles from recent history, such as the world wars or other conflicts.

Pictured above are miniatures from Delta One Zero by Bonza Games.

But That’s Not All!

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