Bloodwolf Tribe Bundle

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Surviving on the Saltpan Plains beyond Blackwater Gulch is a daily struggle against the terrain, the elements and the ragged denizens that dwell there. Only the strongest survive upon the Plains dusty back, none more so than the Bloodwolf Tribe whose fierce leader, Chief Bloodwolf is testament to the resilience and tenacity of the native people.

His face cracked and leathered by the harsh elements, Chief Bloodwolf leads his people with great pride and strength. He saw them through the Long White Death, a harsh bitter winter which killed many of the Gulch citizens. Yet the Chief saw the signs and led his people to safety, finding shelter deep within the gulleys and caves of the Sharptooth mountains west of the Gulch.

Carrying the sacred Tomahawk Foreversharp, Chief Bloodwolf takes a select few into Blackwater Gulch every week for needed supplies, trading pelts, skins and intricate carvings for food, corn and ammo. Being a proud, secretive group, they barely speak on these supply runs with the townsfolk, leading to many strange nicknames being given these proud, noble folk by the uncultured citizens of Blackwater Gulch.

3D Printed Resin Miniatures. Contains 8 30mm round bases.


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