Wicked Bundle

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Miss Lavoe is no longer fully human. In her quest for ultimate power, she unleashed the once-hidden force of demonkin, summoning a powerful entity into this world. But as is always the case with those that pursue such desires, lack of knowledge and understanding of the powers released led to her downfall.

Her followers are all wicked evil creatures, their very visage a terrifying nightmare. Their names are things of legend and myth, storytales made real. Brought back from the dead, Charlie Graves is better known as a zombie; a corpse given life once more. And with that new life comes a new strength, one that cannot be matched by natural means.

Down from the Saltpan Plains, from the Wendigo tribe came a creature that feasts on heartblood. The Eater Of Hearts as he is known, is the vampyre emmissary of his tribe, sent to join Lavoe and her quest for power and to see if she is worthy of the Wendigo’s support. The power the demonkin has granted Miss Lavoe allows her to create many a foul beast to aid her in her dark deeds. Fester is one such creature: once a simple trader, he was tricked into eating human flesh by a sultry, disguised Miss Lavoe and now slinks by her side, transformed into a terrible Ghoul, always craving flesh and doing the dark bidding of his new mistress.

In total contrast is the creature known simply as the Rake. Quite where this slender hairless horror comes from remains unknown, as does its origins. Was this another creation of the witch Miss Lavoe or something more sinister? Its name has been whispered before, for many centuries by old time prospectors high on ‘shine. Its name was found etched into the walls of goldmines, and found on a scrap of paper in the captains cabin of a deserted longshore boat that washed ashore bereft of all crew. Whatever its origins, the Rake’s silent, snakelike movements are a terror to behold, its long arms ending in three wicked claws.

3D Printed Resin Miniatures. Contains 8 30mm round bases.


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