Tranquility Crew Bundle

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The Blackwater River brings many a riverboat to the shores of Blackwater Gulch. Some are packed with travelers from the inner cities keen to see how frontiers-folk live; some are crammed with traders eager to sell on their goods while others are pure pleasure boats, carrying a variety of players of cards, dice and other gambling assortments.

Tranquility glided into the docks of Blackwater Gulch, her reputation arriving long before her three-decked, 200ft hull drifted around Wash Bend, a reputation of piracy and illegal stowage that had Sheriff Dawson and his Vigilance Committee waiting on the dockside as she glided into view.

Captained by the enigmatic Nathanial Reinholt, the Tranquility is run with near military precision, a holdover from Captain Reinholt’s military past, serving as a sergeant in the US Army. Having spent many years fighting for others, he now fights for himself as well as those who choose to serve under him. Loyal to a fault, fiercely independent and often prone to serious flights of fancy, the Captain is known throughout the Territories as a man who gets the job done, yet can be trusted to misbehave at the most inappropriate time.

3D Printed Resin Miniatures. Contains 8 30mm round bases.


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