Howdy Pardners!

Here is our new sculpt for September, the first Brave for the Bloodwolf Tribe. He’s available on our Patreon here:


Braves will be minion level characters, there will be 3 in all and each will be armed armed with a bow. They’re forward scouts for the tribe, sneaking behind enemy lines and setting up ambushes.

We tried to come up with some similar things to add for the other sculpts to go with it, but Braves are a bit new and different. So we were looking for some similarities at first, and then just went with a few random characters we have featured in a while. We have Eater of Hearts, Wildeye, Oleander, a Halfbreed, Jen Choi and Van Dyke.

All STL files are available to Gang Leader patrons, and all files will be attached to the September download post after you log in.

In the next week or so we should be adding all of the new Bloodwolf Tribe sculpts to our online store where you can buy the actual miniatures, so keep an eye out!