A New Kind of Skirmish Game

The game of Gangfight is a small scale skirmish game involving 28mm scale miniatures. Gangfight recreates fantastic battles between two competing forces – whether they are marauding raiders looking to bolster their numbers or a ruthless PMC looking for their next pay day. Regardless of which setting you choose to play in, the goal is to defeat your opponents and complete the objectives put before you.

Unlike other miniature wargames, Gangfight is a multi-genre gaming experience where you can choose to play in one of the three settings  detailed in this book (Chronicle: Fantasy Battles, Aeon: Futuristic Combat, or First Strike: Modern Warfare), or you can combine the settings to make your own. In addition to this, Gangfight produces no miniatures of their own (well, ALMOST no miniatures of their own) – this means you get to customize your force any way you want, using the miniatures you want. Although we have some fantastic partners to whom we promote our players to use, the world really is the limit when it comes to choosing the models you want to represent your force. 

Whichever models you decide to use, Gangfight is a strategic game involving a dozen or so  miniatures, dice, and a measuring tape – and a great deal of imagination. 

The Game Summary

A game of Gangfight is typically played where both players have an equal amount of points – this gives the game balance between the two teams. Ideally, models have a cost in which represents their abilities and basic power. 

Once the two players have agreed on the size of the game, each player makes a list detailing the members of their band. Each player determines what models they will have in their list, but they cannot exceed the predetermined point value. 

The battlefield is then put together. A game of Gangfight uses a great deal of terrain in their battles. The location of the battle does not matter – but should be agreed upon by both parties. Typically a place where high action can take place, consisting of loot, possibly even npcs (such as rogue monsters, or even civilians) – and mayhem. 

Once the table is set, the players start the game by deploying their miniatures and markers on the gaming table. The game is organized through a series of Rounds, and in each Round, each player has their own Turn. During their Active Turn, each player assigns actions to the troops to activate and play with them, moving them about the table, attacking enemy troops, and accomplishing the scenario objectives.

During the game, the Rounds continue until the End-Game conditions are met, which ends the game. Once the game is finished, the players tally their Objective Points and their Victory Points to determine the winner.

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