Game Terms

There are many terms used in this book that are used regularly enough to need explanation – these are called Game Terms. 

Model: A model is a 28mm miniature used to represent one of the members of your band. Although there is no standard base sizes in Gangfight, we suggest the following guidelines listed below.

Threat: The threat radius represents the additional footprint that a Model can interact with in their environment.  Threat is used to determine the distance a Model can consolidate with Fight!, how far their melee weapons are capable of reaching, and how it interacts with opposing Models moving near it.

Party: The group of individual Models that make up your roster.

Action Points (AP): The resource allocated to each individual Model and to make them perform the various Standard Actions and Special Actions available to them in game. When talking about the Action Points (AP) in the plural, it is referred to as the Action Point Pool. 

Standard Action: Actions that can be applied to a single Model that cost a single Action Point (AP). 

Special Action: Actions that can be applied to a single Model. These Actions typically confer a particular bonus or special effect. 

Target Number (TN): The value you must roll equal to or above to pass a test on a six-sided dice (d6).  The target number may never be reduced below 2 as a natural roll of 1 is always a failure.

Dice Pool: The amount of dice used to when making a Test. 

What you need to Play Gangfight

You will need the following things to play a game of Gangfight. 

  • A selection of 28mm scale models to represent your party. 
  • A Measuring Tape. 
  • A variety of tokens or polyhedral dice to keep track of Action Points, wounds, and conditions. 
  • A dozen six-sided dice. 
  • A variety of terrain pieces. Typically you’ll need about six large pieces of terrain and about 10 small piece of terrain.
  • A 4’ x 4’ playing area. 
  • A pencil and a piece of paper to keep track of your roster.
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