Fear and Bravery

On the battlefield, fear is a very real thing and can force a model to act in a very unintended fashion. There are three types of fear – fear caused from witnessing the death of models within 12” of a friendly model, fear caused by large or particularly horrible models, and fear caused from loss of fellow warriors.

When a model sees a hero reduced to an incapacitated state within a single turn, they must immediately make a Bravery test. To make a Bravery test, one must roll their Willpower attribute (TN 3). During the next turn, that model can only generate as many Action Points as successes scored on this test.

When confronted with a particularly terrifying creature, a model must pass a Bravery test with the difficulty indicated in the creature’s profile, or they may not declare a Charge! or Fight! Action Point against that particular model. Only one success is necessary to withstand the Fear this creature causes.

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