Core Perks

When generating a troop to fight in your party, not only can you purchase their equipment and determine their loadout, but you can also choose perks that differentiate themselves from the various warriors that you will have on the battlefield. Though there are perks that are exclusive to specific campaign settings, the majority of them are generic and can be applied to any setting you and your opponent wants to play in. The list of generic perks and their effects can be found below. It should be noted that perks can only be chosen once – their effects do not stack.Agile Riposte – Parry. Strike. Parry. Strike – years of training have been drilled into your head, and as a result, you know the best time to strike. If an attack against you completely misses (ie. no successes), you gain a free strike against your opponent immediately. This cannot be a Power Attack or a Finesse Attack.

Artful Dodger – Dashing across the battlefield while avoiding danger is one of your specialities. A model with this perk may add +1 to their DEF against Free Strikes.

Athletics – The rigours of adventuring life have served you well. When a model with this perk is attempting to Jump or Climb, they can subtract the Target Number needed by 2.

Bull True – When tested, you stand your ground instead of giving in. If a model with this perk is equipped with a loaded ranged weapon, they can make a free strike against a charging opponent using that weapon without penalty.

Counter Strike – You are always ready to accept a charge. When a model with this perk is charged, you gain a free strike against your opponent. When a model moves into this model’s threat range, it gains a free strike against the charging model using their IV instead of their ATT. The target of this attack gains +1 DEF. This attack cannot be a Power Attack or Finesse Attack.

Dash – You are used to moving through difficult terrain, to the point where it matters little what sort of ground you’re scrambling across. When a model with this perk is charging or moving across difficult terrain, it may always reduce the Target Number needed by 2.

Executioner – Having learned your trade on the battlefield – where once you’ve taken out an opponent, there will always be another one waiting for you. If a model with this perk incapacitates a model in Melee Combat, this model may immediately move as many inches as successes you scored in your attack against your opponent – directly towards the nearest foe.

Fast – You were built for speed. There is no one faster than you. This model’s Movement Value (MOV) is increased by 1.

Fearless – Nothing much rattles your cage. A model with this perk is immune to the effects of Fear.

Finesse Shot – You are well versed in shooting on the move. A model with this perk can execute a Finesse Attack against a target with a Ranged Weapon.

Hard Target – You know how to zig-zag across a battlefield, bobbing and weaving to make you a much harder target than one that moves in a straight line. A model with this perk may increase their DEF by 1 against ranged attacks targeted against them.

Healer – Either through magic or via medical knowledge, you’ve learned how to treat the wounded and patch them up well enough that they can enter combat once again. A model with this perk may attempt to revive a model that has been incapacitated. To do this, a model must move into base to base contact with an incapacitated model and make a WP roll (TN 6) – for each success, you can restore 1 Endurance to an incapacitated model. This amount cannot be higher than half of the model’s starting EN attribute.

Large and In Charge – You are a massive example of your species. You are one size larger than you normally would be, and you inspire Fear (TN 4).

Lightning Reflexes – Through intense training and honing your situational awareness, you have become combat ready at a moment’s notice. A model with this perk may increase their Initiative Value (IV) by 1.

Marksman – Tracking your target across a busy battlefield is second-nature to you. A model with this perk has their Marksmanship Attribute (MRK) increased by 1.

Natural Born Killer – The thrill of combat comes naturally to you, and you can keep up with the best of them. This model’s Attack Attribute (ATT) is increased by 1.

Power Shot – You know where to hit for maximum impact. A model with this perk can execute a Power Attack against a target with a Ranged Weapon.

Sidestep – Sometimes the best offense is a great defense. If an attack against a model with this perk completely misses, the model may make a free IV test (TN 4). For each success, this model may freely move their full movement in any direction without provoking a free strike from any opposing enemy models.

Solid – You are exceptionally resistant to Power Attacks. A model with this perk can only be knocked back half as far away as one normally would and this model does not go prone afterwards.

Stubborn – Either through bravery or stupidity, you have a distinct knack for holding your ground. A model with this perk may increase their Willpower Attribute (WP) by 1.

Target Shooter – You’ve spent years launching shot after shot into both stationary and moving targets – and now you can apply this skill on the field. If a model with this perk successfully hits a target with a ranged weapon, that model may add +1 die to their next attack with a ranged weapon against that target. This effect is cumulative for the remainder of the turn.

True Grit – Toughness is your trademark. A model with this perk may increase their Endurance Attribute (END) by 1.

Vengeance – You are a force of nature on the battlefield. A model with this perk may split your Melee dice pool to strike against multiple opponents within their threat range. You may only drop dice after you have split your pool for the attack.

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