Escort Scenario

This scenario has the Defender in control of 4 Civilians. They must be within 6” of a Hero, and they cannot stray more than 6” away from the Hero. If this happens, then the Civilian must spend all of their Action Points (AP) moving within 6” of another Hero Model. If they can’t get to a Hero, then they will instead flee towards the closest table edge. The Civilians start on the back table edge of their deployment zone and have the following attributes:

Regular 4 2 2 3 3 2 2 3 3

Complications Condition: If the Attacker kills all of the Heroes, or wipes out the Civilians, they score 1 Victory Point and roll on the Complications Table immediately. If the Defender successfully transports the Civilians 24” into the middle of the battlefield, they score 1 Victory Point (VP) and immediately roll on the Complications table. If the hero manages to bring the Civilians to the opposite table edge in their enemy’s deployment zone – they can remove the Civilians from the table and collect an additional 1 Victory Point (VP).

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