There are few creatures that create a sense of loathing and fear than trolls. Big, strong and incredibly stupid, trolls inhabit out of the way places, and are all too often encountered by travelers.

The average troll stand twice the height of a man at their stooped shoulders, and weigh as much as a fully armoured knight on a barded warhorse. They are a highly mutable race, and very few trolls look alike, but all are easily identified by their long gangly arms, stumpy legs and vicious demeanors. These lumbering creatures have bulbous features, making them almost look comical from a distance. Their skin colour varies, but green, grey, blue, red, and black are all common. They have large, clumsy hands which sometimes are capable of using weapons (scaled to their size, of course). If a weapon is used, often it is a makeshift club or spear. Occasionally, real weapons are stolen from giants or ogres.

All trolls are incredibly stupid. Many have the same sort of demeanor expected of a spoiled toddler, complete with temper tantrums except few toddlers have the physical capacity to tear a full grown man in half with their bare hands. Most trolls with attempt to eat anything, and most troll dens contain items that they have passed in their stool, such as daggers, gems and coins.

The most terrifying ability of the troll by far is not it’s freakish strength or monstrous stupidity, but rather its ability to regenerate wounds almost as quickly as receiving them. This ability is slowed by the application of fire, but even this does not nullify the hideous regrowth of tissue. Even trolls that have been subject to wounds that would be considered mortal have recovered within hours. The only way to truly kill a troll is by removing its head completely.

Regular 5 3 3 2 2 2 5 8 8 99

Special Abilities

Regeneration – Models with this ability can regenerate injury at a phenomenal rate. At the beginning of any activation of a model, the player must make an Endurance Test (TN 4). For each success, the model heals 1 Endurance (EN) worth of damage (up to their original Endurance value). An Incapacitated Model can also make this check with 1 Endurance (EN), but if they fail the roll, the model is removed from the table..

Large – A model with this ability takes up more room on the battlefield than a normal sized model. A Large model may not be mounted on a base less than 40mm in diameter and no larger than a 60mm base. This model has a reach of 3”, and inflicts 2 wounds on a successful hit, rather than the 1 Wound that Medium models inflict.

Fear (4) – Some creatures are so horrific that they cause veteran soldiers to second guess their actions. A model possessing the Fear ability forces enemy models to make Bravery checks when acting against them. The Target Number (TN) for this Bravery test is in brackets beside the ability where listed.

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