Beneath the mountains of dwell the cold and callus goblin race. They are a cruel people who live in their Kingdoms in constant toil, mining precious minerals with the help of slaves taken from the surrounding communities of humans, dwarves, and orcs.

Goblins are short, stocky creatures. Their skin ranges in shades from black to blackish-green, and their skin has the same texture as dried and cracked leather. The face of a goblin is not a thing of beauty. They have overly large, wedge-shaped ears that typically taper to a point. Their nose and chin are prominent, while their eyes are sunken and red and their wide mouth is filled with jagged sharp and yellow teeth.

Goblins live in a feudal monarchy. They all serve a King and royal council, who in turn rule over various guilds who perform certain tasks within a goblin city. Their cities are huge, labyrinthine caverns beneath the great mountains of the world. The most commonly known fact about goblins is that they are slavers. Goblins raid outlying communities of the other races, try to cause as few casualties as possible as they round up the survivors of the initial assault. Once the attack is over, they load all the men into slave carts, and leave the women and children behind. Hopefully, the children will grow, and breed – creating slaves for future generations. The dead who fought against them are collected to be processed for leather, flesh, and bones. The slaves are brought back to the city, where they are put into mines called “Slave Pits”. It is here that they are given mining tools and lanterns. Sometime throughout the day, great buckets are lowered into the pits. Veteran slaves will know that they have to put all the minerals they’ve mined that day into the bucket, along with the slaves who had died overnight. Once the bucket is raised, another bucket is lowered, this time filled with food.

Mortality is not something that goblins easily accept, due to their exceptionally long lives. They can live for hundreds of years – the oldest recorded goblin apparently live well past four centuries. Luckily, goblins breed slowly and most die a violent death long before their natural life would be over.

Regular 3 4 3 4 3 3 4 3 4 30
Veteran 3 4 3 4 3 4 4 4 4 37
Hero 3 5 4 5 4 4 5 5 5 59

Special Abilities

Vile Biology – The hardiness of a model with this ability is legendary. When making a roll to negate Wounds, a model with this ability may re-roll any result of 1. This die cannot be re-rolled a second time, and the second result is always the final result.

Diminutive – This ability indicates that the model is smaller than most, and counts as a Small Model. This means the model must be mounted on a base that is no larger than 25mm in diameter.

Sturdy – Some creatures are quite adept at carrying heavy loads without having it affect their movement. A model with this ability never suffers a Movement (MOV) penalty from wearing medium or heavy armour.

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