In the hidden places of the world, giants still roam in small bands, living off of the land and anyone foolish enough to intrude on their domain.

Giants are massive creatures, with the shortest standing nearly a dozen feet, and the tallest standing nearly as high as a two storey inn. Their skin is thick enough to stop a blow from an axe, and their girthy powerful bodies are well known for their tremendous strength. Luckily, giants are almost as stupid as trolls, with very few ambitions aside from filling their stomach and occasionally drinking a barrel of ale or two. When the craving gets too powerful to ignore, often a giant will raid a town to get what he needs before disappearing again into the mountains.

Giants have no problem eating sentients, and often keep the bones as ornaments or use them as tools.

Regular 6 3 1 2 2 2 4 9 8 88

Special Abilities

Longstrider – A model with this ability can pass through any terrain designated as Difficult without penalty. This ability does not allow the model to pass through impassable terrain, such as houses and rock faces.

Large – A model with this ability takes up more room on the battlefield than a normal sized model. A Large model may not be mounted on a base less than 40mm in diameter and no larger than a 60mm base. This model has a reach of 3”, and inflicts 2 wounds on a successful hit, rather than the 1 Wound that Medium models inflict.

Fear (3) – Some creatures are so horrific that they cause veteran soldiers to second guess their actions. A model possessing the Fear ability forces enemy models to make Bravery checks when acting against them. The Target Number (TN) for this Bravery test is in brackets beside the ability where listed.

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