Living alongside the Ghurr are hulking beasts of unknown origin. Standing roughly a dozen feet tall, and shaped like a powerful bipedal beast, they stalk the woods alongside their ghurr brethren, taking part in their debauchery and slaughter.

Though thankfully rare, they tend to take up a role of leadership within the herd when they are present. There is much debate among scholars whether these creatures are simply Ghurr that have somehow achieved a massive size, or if they are an entirely different species all together – one thing is certain: the Ahl’Ghurr bring the cunning of a predatory beast and raw animal strength into one horrifying visage.

Regular 6 4 2 2 3 3 4 5 6 74
Hero 6 5 3 3 4 4 5 7 7 101

Special Abilities

Bloodthirsty – A model with this ability is incredibly unpredictable. When this model is activated within 12” of an enemy model, this model must make a Willpower (WP) test (TN 5) or immediately make a free Charge towards the closest enemy model. This test can be voluntarily failed.

Large – A model with this ability takes up more room on the battlefield than a normal sized model. A Large model may not be mounted on a base less than 40mm in diameter and no larger than a 60mm base. This model has a reach of 3”, and inflicts 2 wounds on a successful hit, rather than the 1 Wound that Medium models inflict.

Fear (4) – Some creatures are so horrific that they cause veteran soldiers to second guess their actions. A model possessing the Fear ability forces enemy models to make Bravery checks when acting against them. The Target Number (TN) for this Bravery test is in brackets beside the ability where listed.