Armour is used to further a model’s defense from damage. A model can only wear one suit of armour – though a model can wear armour and carry a shield.


This is the name of the suit of Armour. This should be visible on the model, though light, medium and heavy armour are pretty ambiguous in terms of appearance. If a model is armed with a shield, it must be apparent on the model.


This is the point value of the suit of armour. Remember that this is doubled in the event that the model is Large, and quadrupled if the model purchasing the armour is Huge.

Armour Bonus

This is the bonus applied to a model’s Armour (ARM) value.

Defense Bonus

This is the bonus applied to a model’s Defense (DEF) value.

Movement Penalty

This is a penalty applied to a model’s Movement (MOV) value.

Defense Penalty

This is a penalty applied to a model’s Defense (DEF) value.

Armour Cost ARM Bonus DEF Bonus MOV Penalty DEF Penalty
Light Armour
Medium Armour 15 +1 -1
Heavy Armour 25 +2 -1 -1
Shield 10 +1

Light Armour

This is armour that is formed largely of padding. Leather, light chain, and small pieces of metal. It is included in the model’s profile and does not need to be purchased separately.

Medium Armour

The common armour among professional soldiers. It is bulky enough to hinder movement, but combined with a shield, it is the best of both worlds in terms of defense and armour.

Heavy Armour

This is the best armour that can be afforded to a warrior. It is typically only worn by savvy veteran warriors and heroes. It restricts movement and affords a model little defense, but what it lacks it makes up for when soaking damage.


This is a defense item held in a model’s off-hand. It is commonly used to enhance the effectiveness of medium armour and offset the Defense penalty of heavy armour.