Each model in Chronicle can be equipped with a variety of weapons and armour to benefit them on the field of battle. Each model can be equipped with a weapon, a second weapon or a shield (if the main weapon does not require two hands), and a suit of armour. In addition to this, a character can carry one talisman, potion, or charm.


Size plays a big factor in terms of cost for equipment. Small or Medium sized models pay the regular cost for equipment. Large creatures pay twice (2x) as much for that same item, where creatures of Huge size pay four times (4x) as much for that equipment. This also includes the price for Talismans or Magical Equipment.

For example, Melanie wants her Ogre Hero to wield a Great Weapon, that is also The Black Blade. The cost of the Great Weapon is doubled (20 pts), and then the cost of The Black Blade is doubled (80 pts), meaning to equip her Ogre Hero with The Black Blade, she would pay a total of 100 pts.

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