Assembling your Party

Now that the basics are understood, you can begin building your force. Your Party consists of heroes, veterans and regulars – and potentially powerful creatures or pieces of technology that can help you in the upcoming battle. 

For Pickup or Tournament games, it is recommended that you play with 1000 points. This point level will give you enough points to outfit your Party with two to three Heroes, a handful of Models, and a few points left over to purchase special equipment. 

There is no set way to assemble a party in Gangfight. You can choose as many heroes, veterans or regulars as you would like, and there are no penalties for mixing and matching units. In a fantasy setting or a sci-fi setting, it is assumed that the party has gotten past their cultural differences and are working together towards a common goal. 

For Campaigns, it is recommended that you begin play with 500 points. This will allow you to purchase a Hero or two and a few basic Models to start you off on your path to glory. 


Every Model and piece of equipment in Gangfight has a point value. The more points the model, the more that model brings to the battlefield. 

Party Leader

Your party must consist of at least one hero model that is considered your party leader. Models within 12” of your party leader use that model’s Willpower (WP) instead of their own when making tests involving Bravery, Fear or Rallying.

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