The following tables detail running a game of Chronicle. Click here to see the rules for setting up a game.

If you would like to choose an scenario randomly, roll 1D6 and consult the list below:

1 – Escort
2 – Ambush
3 – Reinforcements
4 – Supply Drop
5 – Battleground
6 – Point Defense


This scenario has the Defender in control of 4 Civilians. They must be within 6” of a Hero, and they cannot stray more than 6” away from the Hero. If this happens, then the Civilian must spend all of their Action Points (AP) moving within 6” of another Hero Model. If they can’t get to a Hero, then they will instead flee towards the closest table edge. The Civilians start on the back table edge of their deployment zone.

Civilian – Regular 4 2 2 3 3 2 2 3 3

Complications Condition: If the Attacker kills all of the Heroes, or wipes out the Civilians, they score 1 Victory Point and roll on the Complications Table immediately. If the Defender successfully transports the Civilians 24” into the middle of the battlefield, they score 1 Victory Point (VP) and immediately roll on the Complications table. If the hero manages to bring the Civilians to the opposite table edge in their enemy’s deployment zone – they can remove the Civilians from the table and collect an additional 1 Victory Point (VP).


The scenario has the defenders set up in an ambush scenario. Once this Engagement Scenario has been rolled, the attacker immediately takes all of their models off of the table and redeploys them up to 24” on the battlefield.

Complications Condition: Once an Attacking model engages in Melee Combat with a Defending model, the Defender immediately rolls on the Complications Table. If the Attacking Model incapacitates the first Defending model they engage, they score 1 Victory Point (VP). If the Defenders incapacitate their Attackers, they score the 2 Victory Points instead. If the Attackers completely surround the Defenders, at the end of that turn, they score an additional 1 Victory Point (VP).


This scenario has half of the models of each side deploy, and the second half of the models arriving at the start of the player’s second turn. The selection of models is not by point cost but rather by the amount of models in the party. Thus, if a player has 9 models in their party, they select 5 of them to deploy during the first turn. In the case of an odd number of models, the player always rounds up.

Complication Conditions: The first player to move their reserve models over the halfway point on the battlefield rolls on the Complications Table. Scoring this objective grants the player 1 Victory Point (VP).

Supply Drop

This scenario involves the placement of four supply crates onto the board – each player places two. They cannot be within a deployment zone, and they cannot be placed within 8” of one another. To open a crate, one must spend an Action Point (AP) to interact with it.

Complication Conditions: The first player to open half of the crates immediately rolls on the Complications Table. Opening two of the crates is worth 1 Victory Point (VP).


This is a simple scenario where both players face off on equal terms. The goal is to engage the enemy.

Complication Conditions: The first player to engage an opposing model in melee combat immediately rolls on the Complications Table. The player to engage an opponent in Melee Combat gains 1 Victory Point (VP).

Point Defense

The set up for this scenario involves the Attacker selecting a point on the battlefield along the centerline. This section is a 12” x 12” section that the Defender needs to keep free of enemy forces.

Complication Conditions: When the defender reaches the point they need to defend, the Defender immediately rolls on the Complications Table. At this point, the Attacker gains 1 Victory Point (VP).

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