The Lesser Universe
There are hundreds of less notable species in the universe, many of which don’t belong to the Intergalactic Council. Some of them only own a single system, or act on their own. Others have allied themselves with another form of government that doesn’t act within the Intergalactic Council, or have allied with other species and allow their interests to be represented through their membership. The Ryunosian Empire is well noted for this method of governance, where they allow a species to act under their rule and represent the best interests of their system within the Concilium.

The Kthuud’ul Hive

Located in a remote system, the Kthuud’ul are an insectoid species that work alongside the Ryunosian Empire as foot soldiers and clandestine operators. They have a remarkable appetite for violence and their loyalty is unquestionable.

They are a large creatures, standing roughly 2 meters tall and weigh 100 kilograms. Their carapace is usually black, red or yellow and covered in tiny filaments that act as sensory organs. They are bipedal, with six limbs – two powerful and clawed legs, a set of primary arms that terminate in remarkably dexterous fingers, and a pair of smaller arms that are mainly vestigial, though they can use them to grasp objects if needed. Some have noted that the Kthuud’ul bear a remarkable similarity to the Ikedi, but where the Ikedi are largely a benign species, the Kthuud’ul are capricious and cruel.

The Mytchlan Tribes

There are a lot of terrible and horrific creatures in the universe, but none are more despised than the Mytchlan. They are highly intelligent parasites, nearly half a meter in length and weighing only about 10 kilograms. They are opportunistic predators, who have developed a strange ability to attach themselves to the nervous system of a creature whom they latch themselves.

The most common method of achieving possession of a host is to crawl in through the largest orifice available to them. Typically in humanoids, this is through the mouth, though they can achieve this through any orifice big enough to accommodate them – but they can squeeze themselves down to the diameter of 10 centimeters if there is a need. Once they are inside the host, they connect to their nervous system, gaining control of their motor functions, and their ability to speak. In addition to this, Mytchlan have evolved a defense mechanism where they can spray a highly corrosive acid, much to the chagrin of their host, who will burn horrifically if they do so while inside of their host.

The only species known to associate with the Mytchlan are the Ryunosians, and they do so cautiously. They can be a strong ally, but they are deceitful and unpredictable, and do not have a strong sense of loyalty.

The Daergh Covenant

Foldspace is a terrifying experience for those who have to experience it. Years pass in the blink of an eye, and most are lucky enough to go into stasis prior to going through. Unfortunately, being in stasis leaves you quite vulnerable to attack by a horrifying species of creature known only as the Deargh.

Nobody has ever been recovered, but their existence is all but indisputable. The countless ships that arrived at their destination, the crew missing and the equipment all but completely stripped. Those that survive are raving mad, claiming creatures attacked them in transition.

The descriptions vary, but they are largely spindly creatures with large egg-shaped heads and cruel black eyes. It is unclear on whether they are wearing suits or not, but they are freakishly strong and fast, and most of all, clever.

If they do exist, they are a far more insidious and destructive force than any of the species known to the Intergalactic Council, whose existence should be taken with the utmost seriousness.

The Scallerien Mercantile Network

Littered across a thousand planets are the Scalleriens. They are a race of pseudo-reptilian creatures that have taken it upon themselves to salvage scrap across the galaxy and re-sell it to those who could use it.

No one really knows where the Scalleriens originated, but as far as almost any species can remember, they have been there, buying and selling goods to those who need it. They are vaguely reptilian in appearance, with wide mouths, flat teeth and wide set black eyes. Though they are completely hairless, some implant spines on their heads for fashion reasons.

They are well known for their persistence and ability to convince others of their point of view. Because of this, they have a reputation throughout the Concilium a species to be avoided if you want to save some money but one to be sought out if you need something obscure.

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