Races & Factions

The Greater Universe

The universe is a big place. There are thousands of inhabited planets, and hundreds of different intelligent life forms that call them their home. The Intergalactic Council recognizes all species that have achieved space travel and have colonized more than one planet in their system. It is then that they feel that the species in question has achieved enough to be significantly impacted by the decisions made by the IGC, and can competently contribute to the ongoing matters involving the species in the known universe.

The two most powerful species in the Intergalactic Council are The Shavital Collective and The Ryunosian Empire. Following those two species are a vast variety of systems that have more than one system – notably the Bareshi’mah Republic, The Ikedi Ecclesiasty, and The Aetheri Commonwealth.

There are many other species that only own their own system, and though they are encountered within the Concilium, they are rarely found outside of that.

The Lesser Universe

There are hundreds of less notable species in the universe, many of which don’t belong to the Intergalactic Council. Some of them only own a single system, or act on their own. Others have allied themselves with another form of government that doesn’t act within the Intergalactic Council, or have allied with other species and allow their interests to be represented through their membership. The Ryunosian Empire is well noted for this method of governance, where they allow a species to act under their rule and represent the best interests of their system within the Concilium.

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