Melee Weapons

Each melee weapon has a profile listed on the following chart. There are five pieces of critical information with each weapon, and they can be found below.

Weapon – This is the name of the weapon. This term must be made apparent on the model and listed on the Party Roster for easy reference.

Cost – This is the point value of the weapon. Remember that this is doubled in the event that the model is Large, and quadrupled if the model purchasing the weapon is Huge.

Properties – This is what kind of effects the weapon can have attached to it. A weapon can only have a single property associated with it, which in turn grants it the effect associated with that property.

Damage – This is the effective damage that a weapon inflicts. If a weapon does not have a number indicated, then the weapon uses the model’s Damage attribute, plus any bonuses indicated.

Special – These are notes that are important to the use of the weapon. If there is anything in this field, further details can be found in the equipment’s description.

Weapon Cost Properties Damage Special
Hand Weapon All
Second Hand Weapon 5 All +1 ATT
Great Weapon 10 All +1
Polearm 20 All +1 Reach

Melee Weapon Properties

A melee weapon can have a property attached to it to imbue it with additional effects. Below are a list of the different properties a weapon can have.

Property Name – This is the name to which the property is referred. For example, a Great Weapon with the Vibro property attached to it becomes a Vibro Great Weapon.

Cost – This is the additional cost associated with the property. The cost of this property is added to the base cost of that weapon.

Damage Type – This is the type of damage this property causes. Most properties call under the Category of “Direct”, which means that it is damage caused directly to the model. This could also be “Direct AOE” or “Indirect AOE”, Power, Finesse, or Other – which can be found in the description.

Description – This is any additional rules and descriptive effects that the property has associated with it.

Vibro Weapon Cost: +5 Damage Type: Direct
Vibro Weapons are equipped with an edge that resonates a high-frequency vibration to rend and tear through armour and flesh. A model equipped with a Vibro Weapon inflicts an additional +1 Damage, which is added to their profile.
Energy Weapon Cost: +5 Damage Type: Direct
An energy weapon has a blade made completely of energy that burns and cuts its way through the target of the attack. Models that are struck with an Energy Weapon cannot drop dice from a roll that is made to negate wound, though if the model that is targeted with this attack is equipped with a Kinetic Shield, those additional dice may be dropped to lower the Damage of the attack.
Monofilament Weapon Cost: +5 Damage Type: Direct
This is a weapon with a keen monofiliment edge, designed for cutting through armour and flesh alike. A model that is struck with a monofiliment weapon cannot apply the Armour Bonus provided by their armour to the roll, and use the base amount on their profile.
Kinetic Energy Weapon Cost: +5 Damage Type: Direct
A kinetic energy weapon amplifies the applied force of a weapon exponentially, inflicting a devastating wave of power. A model struck with a kinetic energy weapon treats the attack as a Power Attack, being knocked back as many inches as successes in the attack, and then is knocked over afterwards
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