All models can purchase gear to augment their role on the battlefield. Gear costs points, and sometimes has some special requirements when using it. The format for listing the gear is listed below.

Gear Name – This is the name to which the piece of equipment is referred.

Cost – This is the cost of the piece of gear.

Description – This is any additional rules and descriptive effects that the gear has associated with it.

ICE Pick Cost: 30
An Integrated Comms Encryption (ICE) Pick is a device used by hackers to infiltrate enemy systems and cripple their systems. More information can be found under the Hacking section on how to make use of an ICE Pick. A model that has the "Hacker" designation comes equipped with an ICE Pick as part of their initial loadout.
Jump Jets Cost: 25
Jump Jets are a common piece of equipment used by scouting troops who want the ability to move vertically as well as horizontally. A model equipped with Jump Jets can move in any direction using their Movement (MOV) Attribute. This also gives a model +2 Movement (MOV) as well. A model must be on the ground at the end of their movement, or they suffer falling damage.
Adaptive Camouflage Cost: 25
Adaptive Camouflage is extremely common on the battlefield. It records and projects images around it, making it extremely difficult to target enemies. Models equipped with Adaptive Camouflage gain +1 DEF against Ranged Attacks using the Marksmanship (MRK) attributed. This only applies to Ranged Attacks, and not attacks that are the result of an AOE or in Melee Combat.
Counter Measures Cost: 35
Counter Measures are nanobots that are immediately deployed when it detects hostile fire being directed at them. When targeting a model with Counter Measures, a weapon’s Rate of Fire (RoF) is reduced to 0, meaning that no additional dice are added to the roll.
Smart Visor Cost: 15
Visors that are capable of viewing the battlefield in a myriad of spectrums are common among elite soldiers who can’t afford to be taken by surprise. A model equipped with a Smart Visor are not affected by Smoke Ammunition, Camouflage or any sort of equipment/ability that gives a model a bonus to their Defense (DEF) or a penalty to Marksmanship (MRK) resulting in compromised vision.
Medkit Cost: 25
Medkits allow soldiers with little medical expertise a way to save the lives of fallen comrades. It is essentially an auto-doc that administers a variety of stims and binding agents to get a soldier back up and into the fight. A model equipped with a medkit can apply it to a wounded model and spend an Action Point (AP). The model must make an Endurance (EN) test (TN 6). For each success, 1 Endurance is restored. This can never go above the model’s maximum Endurance (EN), nor can it bring an unconscious model back to fighting form (as they do not have any Endurance (EN) left to tests against).
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