End Game Conditions

When your Scenario and Complications reach their End Game Condtions, roll 2D6 on the following list to see what happens next.

1-2 – Route
3-4 – Assassination
5-6 – Tactical Retreat


The opponent must be defeated. The opponent must have their numbers depleted to a quarter of their numbers. The first player to do this claims 2 Victory Points (VP) and the game ends at the end of the round.


The enemy’s leaders must be defeated. Each player’s Party Leader becomes marked. The first player to kill the opponent’s Party Leader gains 2 Victory Points (VP) and the game Immediately ends. If the Party Leader has already been dispatched, the player who still has their Party Leader gains the 2 Victory Points (VP) instead.

Tactical Retreat

The enemy has taken enough of a beating, and it is now time to retreat to regroup. The Attackers must fall back to their Deployment Zone within 1 turn. If more than half of their models are in their Deployment Zone, they gain 2 Victory Points (VP) and the game immediately ends. If The Attacker fails to pull their forces back within 1 turn, the Defender is granted 2 Victory Points (VP) and the Game immediately ends.

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