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Mayor Horndike finally had enough of the lawlessness in Blackwater Gulch and sanctioned the formation of The Vigilance Committee – a group of concerned citizens determined to bring law back to the wanton streets of their town. Walking the dark streets, the Vigilance Committee soon became nearly as dangerous as the gangs they were sent to disarm.

This Gang Set features 8 miniatures – Sheriff Dawson, Dr. Trent Dougall, Gramps Fillickson, Carl Williams, Jeb Williams and 3 Lawmen Rangers. These miniatures are produced in SioCast plastic, very similar to other hard plastic miniatures, however you will need super glue to put them together as model cement will not work on this type of plastic. This set also includes 30mm round plastic bases for all.

For a limited time, this set also includes 2 additional miniatures that were bonus items in our Kickstarter campaign – the Outlaw Bounty Hunter, John Blackwood (all new sculpt) and from the Cursed Faction, Jacob the Unkillable.

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