Unsung Gang Set


Lawmen Starter Pack: The Unsung

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Lawmen Deputies

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Come to town at the behest of the church and Mayor Horndike, the Unsung have become the most noteworthy Lawmen posse in town. Lead by infamous monster hunter, J. W. Clarkson, the Unsung keep the town safe from hooligans and other creatures much more fowl. Clarkson is joined by the Bounty Hunter, Van Dyke, Ruthie Mae the Preacher, Colin Buchanan the Engineer and Janey Bower the Moonshiner.

This Gang Set features 8 miniatures – J. W. Clarkson, Janey Bower, Colin Buchanan, Ruthie Mae and Van Dyke and 3 Lawmen Deputies. These miniatures are produced in both white metal and resin. This set also includes 30mm round plastic bases for all.


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