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Stalking the outskirts of the Wormwood Forest, the Wolfpack hunts down any man foolish enough to enter their domain. This vicious pack of werewolves has been responsible for the destruction of many settlements over the last few centuries. The Pack’s Alpha, Croatoan, is rumored to be personally responsible for the lost colony of Roanoke. Ancient though he may be, it is not wise to cross him or underestimate his prowess. Croatoan is joined by his trusted lieutenants, Shunka & Warakin, 2 brothers among Croatoan’s. Two brothers kidnapped from the Ioway tribe nearly a century ago, they have since grown to fiercely loyal packmates.

This Gang Starter contains 1 Croatoan miniature, 1 Shunka Miniature and 1 Warakin miniature, plus 3 30mm bases. Miniatures are cast in white metal. Sculpted by Krisztián Hartmann.

Click here to download the Wolfpack character cards.

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