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Croatoan is a terrible Maneater and leader of the Savage Beasts of the Worm Woods, he has been credited with the destruction of colonies as far back as the Roanoke disaster. Now, his sites are set on Blackwater Gulch. He carries a heavy Totem Staff into battle, and if he’s not smashing skulls with it, he’ll a make a Ferocious Swipe with his sharp claws, or perform a Lunging Strike that can reach enemies that might be out of his normal melee range. Additionally, he comes with an alternate right arm without a weapon, so you could build the model as a generic Alpha Werewolf if you prefer.

Shunka & Warakin are 2 brothers among Croatoan’s most trusted lieutenants. Kidnapped from the Ioway tribe nearly a century ago, they have since grown to fiercely loyal packmates. Their names loosely translate to “Carrying Off Dogs”, and their name reflects the most widely used tactic in battle. Warakin, a quiet and calculating Stalker, will creep upon their prey, sticking to the shadows, quickly eliminating lookouts and scouts. Shunka, the Savage, barely able to contain his bloodlust will rush in when the word is given, taking the rest of the enemy by surprise and completely off guard.

This Werewolf Starter Pack contains Croatoan, Shunka and Warakin, plus 3 30mm bases. Sculpted by Clint MacLean.

Note: These classic metal miniatures will be packaged with first edition character cards.

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