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The most feared of all the families in Blackwater Gulch, the Clancy Gang have been allowed to run roughshod through the streets. They often take protection money from the few shopkeeps who remain, or start fights in the Golden Coin just for the heck of it. Armed to the teeth, with an attitude twice as ugly, The Clancy Gang do what they want, when they want and don’t care who gets hurt in the meantime.

A motley crew of thugs, the Clancy Gang are currently led by Wilt Clancy. His right hand girl is Lee Roland, notorious Bounty Hunter from the deep South. They are backed up by the impressive mountain that is Jacob Sparks, an ex-Wrassler from the Travelling Zarconis plus two local boys, Sam and Nate Winston.

This starter pack contains 5 metal miniatures, 5 30mm round plastic bases and 5 Character Cards. Models supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Brother Vinni, Bob Naismith, Patrick Keith & Pedro Ramos.

Note: classic metal miniatures will be packaged with first edition character cards.

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