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The plains beyond the town’s boundaries are a dangerous place filled with many hazards. The terrain is harsh and tough as are those that choose to live upon its dusty back. Hidden amongst the boulders, outcrops and scrub are many tribes of Indians, most famous being The Bloodwolf Tribe. Hardened against the elements and fiercely loyal, the Bloodwolf have their own reasons for coming into the town of Blackwater Gulch.

Their true names are a secret only those within the Tribe will ever know, so when they came riding into town, or were seen from a distance, the people of Blackwater Gulch gave them their own nicknames. Chief Bloodwolf leads the tribe, his tomahawk a deadly mix of weapon and totem. Top Hat is a marksman with his sixguns always at the ready, while Boneshirt renders first aid to his injured tribesmen. Mohawk and Spearman are young, deadly warriors, comfortable in any terrain as they are in the streets of Blackwater Gulch.

This starter pack contains 5 metal miniatures, 5 30mm round plastic bases and 5 Character Cards. Models supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Bob Naismith.

Note: Classic sets will be packaged with out-dated character cards.

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