Beast Starter Pack: The Wormwood Wardens


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The Wormwood Forest outside of town is a dark and twisted place. Few who venture into the forest alone are seldom heard from again. The forest is protected by the Wormwood Wardens, a vicious Skinwalker pack lead by the ancient werecat, Wampus. He and the rest of his pack keep the forest safe for all savage creatures great and small. He is joined by Yakwahe, or Stiff-Legged Bear as the natives would call him. Nandi is another werebear who tends to the pack’s wounds. Camazotz the werebat perches upon the treetops and Snarlfang the werecat scouts ahead to report back on enemy positions.

Models supplied unpainted. Pack includes 5 white metal miniatures, 5 30mm round plastic skirmish bases and 5 character cards.

Sculpted by Clint MacLean.

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Dimensions 5.5 × 4 × 1 in


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