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When the town started to go through reconstruction, groups of Mexicans were taken in; cheap labor hired to do the jobs the townsfolk didn’t. When the job was finished these people were cast aside to fend for themselves amidst the violence and lawlessness that sprang up as quickly as the buildings they were hired to build.

El Jefe heads the Bandidos Mexicanos, as fast with his pistols as he is at his cards. Cabo Mendoza, learnt his guerilla warfare skills in the Ejército Mexicano but now fights beside El Jefe on the dusty streets of Blackwater Gulch. Esteban “El Cutador” Cruz, another refugee from the Travelling Zarconis is deadly with his twin Machettes, while Susanna la Lobo spreads panic with her homemade explosives. Diego Torez is as silent with his rifle as he is with his mouth – a mute with a deadly skill.

This starter pack contains 5 metal miniatures, 5 30mm round plastic bases and 5 Character Cards. Models supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Brother Vinni.

Note: This Classic Starter Set will be packaged with out-dated character cards.

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