J. W. Clarkson – Lawmen Hero

Lead by infamous monster hunter, J. W. Clarkson, the Unsung keep the town safe from hooligans and other creatures much more fowl.

J. W. Clarkson is available in the Lawmen Starter Set

The stats below are for use with the classic Blackwater Gulch rules.

Health Defense XP   Strength Speed Stamina Intellect Melee Combat Ranged Combat
6 3 87   4 3 4 4 4 3
Equipment Strength Range
Hand Cannon Pistol, 1-Handed 5 10
Heavy Silver Axe Strong 2-Handed Melee, Silver 6 1
Bear Trap Strong 1-Handed Melee, Binding, Slow 5 1

Mortal Hero, Leader of the Unsung


Monster Hunter – Gain +1 D6 to Hit against any Beast.

Run & Gun – May shoot after running with a +1 to your to hit Target Number.

They Can’t Hide From Us – If any friendly model attacks the same Beast target as J.W. Clarkson, and in the same Game Turn, they will receive a +1 Strength bonus.

Trapper – Lower base to hit Target Number by one when using Binding weapons.

Town Defenders – All Lawmen characters receive a +1D6 to hit when making ranged attacks while inside buildings.

The stats below are for use with the Gangfight Skirmish rules.

4 5 4 5 4 4 4 7 5 79
Equipment Cost Range RoF Damage
Pistol 8" 2 4
Heavy Silver Axe (Relic) 25 +1

Perks & Abilities

Tactics – A Hero model with this ability can issue +1 die to any Veteran or Regular model within 12” of this model during their activation.

Soldier – A model with this perk gains +1 Attack (ATT), and +1 Endurance (EN).

Bull True – If a model with this perk is equipped with a loaded ranged weapon, they can make a free strike against a charging opponent using that weapon without penalty.

True Grit – A model with this perk may increase their Endurance Attribute (END) by 1.

Executioner (Heavy Silver Axe) – This Great Weapon gives the wielder the ability to negate the opponent’s models from placing an Incapacitation Token. Models removed with this weapon do not place an Incapacitation Token, and are completely removed from the game.