One of the first teams officially sanctioned by the GML, the Terran Titans were formed almost out of necessity. Gathered under the leadership of Dalton Shane, the Titans were a ragged bunch of military veterans, struggling to find a way to survive in these new times of peace. Money and fame were not the draw that brought these warriors together, rather the desire to get back into action once again. With tactics built around military manoeuvers, the Titans appeal to the crowds desire for extreme violence.


“…and here she comes again! There’s no stopping the fury of Disorder tonight. Look at that – her buzzsaw just sliced right through Rampage’s plasmagun, releasing the energy in an expansive plasma cloud that took out three utility buildings! You’re listening to it first here on KLMD-2.4, the only registered radioband for Mechadrome games way-out here in the Galactic South Sector!”

To say Disorder has issues is an extreme understatement. Even the Team psychologist has given up on getting to the root of her issues, having way too many broken bones and bruises from their therapy sessions. Whatever the cause may be, that Disorder is armed to the teeth with a dangerous buzzsaw/railgun combo backed up with twin missile pods is welcomed by the crowds that pack the arena viewing hubs every time she strides out.


Painkiller is the granddaddy of the Titans, a veritable beast of a gladiator. When Painkiller stomps out onto the arena, the crowd know they are in for a treat. Brutal to the extreme, Painkiller uses his booster jets not to outflank or outmaneuver his opponents; instead he rushes headlong toward them, plasmagun firing, overloading their sensors until he is close enough to use his crusherfist to tear their primary weapons into metal shreds. Keeping hold tight, he pounds them with thousands of rounds from his shoulder mounted blasters, ignoring what little damage they can inflict in their dying seconds.


Buzzkill’s famous career began in the dark period when Mechadrome was more violent than the wars it was designed to replace. Discovered in one of the many thousands of scrap-settlements, foraging off discarded military hardware and selling what she found for food, Buzzkill was quickly signed by the Terran talent scout Hamazdian Cole. Impressed by her natural tactical presence of mind that allowed her to evade capture for several days, Cole immediately started her on a rough regime of Mech combat drills, arena awareness and team tactics.

Kitted out with both close and ranged weaponry, Buzzkill delights in distract and hold tactics, keeping opponents either hunkered down under a deluge of missile strikes while other team mates flank them, or grappling up close with her buzzsaw, before falling back for more powerfully armed Mechs to finish them off.


Havok joined the Titan’s mid season ‘16, replacing StrikeZone who fell to a vicious Jackhammer and siege drill assault by Bushido members Makuzo and Kessen. Taken from the training pool of would be Titans, Havok quickly became known for using his missile pod as a distraction and then nimbly shifting positions to spray the area with twin chainguns.

And he’s no shrinking violet either. Despite receiving warnings from Titans management, Havoc can always be found on a vid-cast both before and after a match, holding interviews and flirting with the audience. He’s also the only Titan to actively encourage sponsorship – his Mech is often decorated with advertising holoscreens or simple posters – yet another thorn in Titan owners sides. But the crowd love him, and pay to see him and so, for now, he stays.


A former hazardous cargo pilot, Lightfoot began his career piloting through some of the most hazardous L-Zs in the known galaxy. His Blaster always at the ready, he is most well known for firing his way through enemy lines and then firing up his Jackhammer to pound enemy mechs into sumission.

Lightfoot and his former Co-Pilot, Thunderstrke, often are found working together in the Arenas. Their signature move has been dubbed “Death from the Skies” by adoring fans, as their booster jets allow them to bound over the tallest buildings, landing square in the middle of enemy fortifications and blowing their competition to scrap before they even know what hit them.


A former combat pilot, Thunderstrike recently joined the Titans at the request of his old partner, Lightfoot. Rising quickly through the ranks in the Sector 4 training camps, it quickly became apparent that he had the potential to be a true Ace in the arenas, though thus far he has yet to achieve this coveted title.

With his buzsaws always fired up and plasmagun at the ready, Thunderstrike is always prepared to demolish long distance targets as well as getting up close and personal with his enemies. Most often you will see him bounding over obstacles with his booster jets, softening up his targets with plasma blasts, and then ripping their weakened armor to shreads with a few quick buzzsaw swipes.