True to their history, the pilots of Team Bushido are masters of the hit and run tactic. While the Titans favor long range firepower, Team Bushido mechs are loaded with a variety of close combat weapons that can slice through the toughest armour. For many years, each pilot is trained in the combat style now known as Mechjitsu, chosen only for the team once a series of tasks have been completed. These tasks are secret to all outsiders, but Makuzo, team Captain and holder of the most silent kills award, is rumoured to have spent many weeks wandering the ruined plains of Mitsufuji encased in her Mech completing each and every one of them.


Makuzo is the unofficial leader of the team, being one of the oldest and most experienced. She is a true master of the art of Mechjitsu and strives to conduct herself with honor, even in the swirling chaos of a Mechadrome arena.

Pairing up is a standard tactic amongst the teams of Mechadrome and none are as dangerous as Kakuzo & Kessen. Using their booster jets to swiftly move between target zones, the combination of their weapons is devastating. Together they are equipped for every situation: wrecking ball, jackhammers, crushing fists and siege drills will make fast work, while their double blaster/double missile pod combo can inflict such a whirlwind of fire and destruction that it will keep their opponents pinned long enough for lightning fast close quarter strikes from team mates.


Kessen is a master of delayed surprise assaults. Most often he will enter the battle late, dropping into the arena from orbit, blasting away at a target with his missile pods and then closiing in for the kill.

Often found backing up his friend and mentor, Makuzo, the deadly duo has collected more trophies and medals alone than whole teams combined. Ruthless and merciless, you do not want to be on the receiving end of one of Kessen’s brutal assaults.


The baby of the team, Kodachi has still to prove himself in the arenas. Taking over the coveted spot from Jakumota “The Flying Devil” Cannut following their violent retirement when his Mech imploded thanks to a faulty experimental grenade. In the six games Kodachi has taken part, his performance has been “variable” as fellow teammate Yari commented in the post match interview with Station 27.

“He’s young but needs to learn respect for those that came before him. He has 2 attributed kills but they were lucky, almost fluke take-downs. And he doesn’t stick to the match plans, plans we have spent years perfecting. But he is eager and I too remember those first days. He will learn. He will grow. Or he will die.”


Another fast attack expert, Soto stands waiting for the signal to attack. Shadows are his friend and he barely registers on the heat-tracker systems used by Arena cameras to stream vid of the match. Heaven knows how opponents are supposed to keep a bead on this formidable close quarter specialist. Once a target has been established, usually by being knocked out into the open by heavy fire from a teammate, Soto powers up the twin siege drills affixed at the end of each arm. Once the target corridor has been established, a quick flick of a button and the booster jets are fired up, launching Soto straight at the unfortunate Mech.

Seeing the debris clouds of metal and poly-heated plastic explode around the doomed opponent and you know there are only moments left before another Kill is knocked up for Soto whose attack/kill ratio is riding high at the top of every league.


Raking the ground with blaster fire, Tsuragowa roars from the sky riding twin contrails of booster jet flame right into the heart of the opposing team. Landing amongst them, shrouded by the dirt and debris kicked up by his weapons fire, ‘Rag grabs hold of the nearest enemy Mech, gripping tight and laying in with some close quarters fire. If he can, he uses his boosters to keep them off-balance, jinking one way then the next, long enough for their systems to start to power down due to overload. And then he’s off to the next engagement, just another prime example of Team Bushido’s infamous hit/run tactics.


Working alongside Soto is Yari, another close combat specialist. While Soto likes to rip the opponent apart, Yari instead prefers to pound them into the ground with a powerful jackhammer liberated from one of the construction mechs. Coupled with Pounder HE missiles she favors, this style of attack is known as “pounding dirt”.

During the final of MD’89 when Yari was caught in an hab-construct surrounded by Thunderstrike and Lightfoot, and with no obvious way out before they began their attack, Yari used her jackhammer to pound into the floor. As the Terran pair obliterated the building with blaster fire, missiles and plasma, Yari hammered an escape tunnel, appearing 200 feet away behind them. A few well aimed railgun blasts and missile strikes crippled the Terrans, giving Yari enough time to make it back to a friendly zone in the arena.