Free Agents & Drones

Many Mech pilots fight for their own personal glory in the Mechadrome arenas, with no team to call their own. These Free Agents may join any team, bringing their unique upgrades or specialized weapon systems when unconventional tactics can be the key to victory. Free Agents are often the most famous Mechadrome pilots, and seeing them in the arena is a sure sign that the crowd will be in your favor, home arena or not.


Overkill is a true veteran of the Arenas, and beyond. He still pilots the same Mech he served in back when he was a Squad Leader for the Terran Confederation, even keeping the same paint scheme and squad markings from his last campaign on the desert world of Alurzia. Now the former war hero fights for glory, and whatever team will pay him the most.


Teams make use of squadrons of drones to lay down suppression fire or hold key objective points while the pilots focus on routing the enemy.

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