The doors are locked! The bets are in and the beer is cold! Monday Night Mecha is about to explode once more onto your screen and what a night we have lined up for you. With thousands being waged in this opening match the pressure is really on. Here we go folks… it’s GAME TIME!!

Hundreds of years from now, the greatest sport the galaxy has ever known will explode on your screens as everyone watches their favorite teams of giant Mechs beating each other to scrap.

Mechadrome is a “Mech Combat Gladiator Arena Skirmish Game” set in the far future where man and alien races have come together, forming teams that do battle in arenas set in abandoned, war-torn cities and industrial zones.

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These Pilot Cards make it easy for you to jump right in and start playing. Just print them out, cut them out and fold them in half. They’ll fit in any standard card sleeve.

Team Bushido

True to their history, the pilots of Team Bushido are masters of the hit and run tactic. While the Titans favor long range firepower, Team Bushido mechs are loaded with a variety of close combat weapons that can slice through the toughest armour.

Terran Titans

One of the first teams officially sanctioned by the GML, the Terran Titans were formed almost out of necessity. Gathered under the leadership of Dalton Shane, the Titans are a ragged bunch of military veterans.

Free Agents & Drones

Many Mech pilots fight for their own personal glory in the Mechadrome arenas, with no team to call their own. These Free Agents may join any team, bringing their unique upgrades or specialized weapon systems when unconventional tactics can be the key to victory.