Wilde’s Rangers

Answering an appeal from Mayor Horndike, the US government sent a small contingent of weapons and soldiers to help protect the town. Operating out of nearby Camp Goldrock, they’ve made a name for themselves locally as Wylde’s Rangers. Though it soon became clear that they were just here to make off with as much gold as they could carry.

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Major Wilde

Major Wylde leads his men to battle in the town streets and outskirts. He’s know as a tough, but fair man… Fair enough to take your gold, and maybe let you live if you keep your mouth shut.

Lieutenant Thompson

Wilde’s second in command is Lieutenant Thompson, who also acts as the camp’s medic.

Corporal Ambler

Corporal Ambler’s fondness for drink has him frequenting saloons and gambling dens around town.

Sergeant Connors

Corporal Watson

Sergeant Connors and Corporal Watson are both enforcers. The work as a team, Connors getting up close and personal while Watson hangs back and picks off any stragglers or reinforcements.