The Widowmakers

An extremely close-knit gang of women, the Widowmakers are found most often prowling the streets late at night. As the town grew in population, women often found themselves victims of gang violence and scoundrels who made it their business to prey upon the fairer sex. Women of all classes, from rich & proper ladies to soiled doves got organized and formed their own gang for protection, and revenge. They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and this is especially true in Blackwater Gulch.

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Lady Nightshade

The Widowmakers are lead by Lady Nightshade, a dark beauty, renowned Bounty Hunter and deadly marksman. They say she kills every man who asked for her hand in marriage.


Lily is a doctor of sorts, trained by her assisting her father, a physician in New York, who tried to marry her off to settle a gambling debt. She ran away, and never looked back.


Oleander is a scout and prospector, once forced to live off the land after her coach was destroyed and husband murdered by natives (who she promptly murdered with their own tomahawks).



Buttercup and Wisteria are newer recruits, two sisters who are rarely apart, and always ready for a fight.