The Vigilance Committee

Mayor Horndike finally had enough of the lawlessness in Blackwater Gulch and sanctioned the formation of The Vigilance Committee – a group of concerned citizens determined to bring law back to the wanton streets of their town. Walking the dark streets, the Vigilance Committee soon became nearly as dangerous as the gangs they were sent to disarm.

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Sheriff Dawson

Sheriff Rick Dawson is an infamous bounty hunter, hired by the mayor to lead the Vigilance Committee.

Dr. Trent Dougall

A former snake oil salesman, Dr. Trent is now famous for his healing tonics and herbal remedies. Whether they work or not is another story.

Gramps Fillickson

Samuel “Gramps” Fillickson is a gruff old prospector, he helps the Committee in the vain hope that he’ll get some piece and quiet around here for once.

Carl Williams

Carl has an itchy trigger finger, he started carrying two pistols because one just didn’t have enough bullets for him to shoot.

Jeb Williams

Jeb is Carl’s older brother, and spends too much time keeping him out of trouble.