The Tranquility Crew

The Blackwater River begins just north of town at the bottom of Victory Falls, and flows many distant miles southward, ending in bayou country. Scores of riverboats carry goods and people up and down along the river, with the riverboat Tranquility being the most infamous. She is manned by a motley, but close-knit crew with a reputation bordering on piracy, carrying their fair share of legal and illegal cargo all along the river.

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Captain Reinholdt

The captain of the boat is Nathan Reinholdt, a former sergeant of the US Army who commands respect yet is fiercely loyal to his crew.

Adam James

Adam James is the muscle, a bounty hunter with more guns than he can count (even though he can’t count that high).

Dr. Simmons

Simmons is the ship’s Doctor, who joined the crew hoping they would help find his long lost sister.


Julie, the ship’s mechanic, has an almost magical skill with engines and somehow manages to keep Tranquility afloat at the worst of times.

Reverend Sheppard

Reverend Shepard accompanies the crew, doing his part to bring a little salvation to the lawless and the lost.