The Secret Fist

The Blackwater Lines Railroad employed many Asian workers and laborers, but once the railroad was finished, many were simply laid off with no place to go. Some left town, others stayed but found it hard to get by on their own in a town full of people who didn’t understand their language or culture. Soon after, many banded together to form the Secret Fist and now run the Oriental Quarter to protect other citizens of their kind.

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Mr. Foo

The Secret Fist is lead by Mr. Foo, a massive man who operates a small pig farm just on the edge of town. His livestock are often used to hide evidence, they’ll eat anything or anyone for the right price.


Chang is Mr. Foo’s right hand man, an adept gunslinger who’s revolvers never miss their mark.

Dr. Hoo

The doctor runs a small herbalist shop in town, secretly supplying opiates to the more well-to-do in town.

Jen Choi

Wu Teng

The exotic beauty Jen Choi and her cousin Fu Tang round out the Secret Fist as henchmen, running odd jobs around town and always ready to back up their friends in a fight.