Hired Guns

Everyone is out to make a buck, and Blackwater Gulch is full of men and women earning a living selling their services to the gangs in town.

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Clinton Wales

“Feeling lucky, varmint?”

Clinton Wales is an infamous gunslinger with a nasty attitude.

Doc Lloyd


Doc Lloyd is a brilliant engineer known to confuse his enemies with technobabble.

Dr. Kilmer

“Who’s your Huckleberry.”

Doctor Kilmer was trained as a doctor, but is renowned for his skills with firearms.

Father Al

“Trust in God and keep your powder dry.”

Father Al’s sermons help bolster your gang’s morale.

John Blackwood

“Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.”

John Blackwood is an infamous bounty hunter deadly at long range and in close quarters.

Kurt Wyatt

“I’m comin’ for ya, and Hell’s coming with me!”

Kurt Wyatt is an infamous lawman out for revenge.

Marshal Stewart

“The law will always find you.”

Marshall Stewart can track any man, anywhere and there is no terrain he can’t navigate.

Mickey Finn

“Never let ’em see your cards.”

Mickey Finn is a champion gambler and challenging foe when things get up close and personal.

Nevada Dave

“X never, ever marks the spot.”

Nevada Dave is a famous treasure hunter who can get himself out of any sticky situation he finds himself in.

Rooster Morrison

“I’ll kill ya in a minute, pardner.”

Rooster Morrison has a reputation far and wide as a man who never backs down.

Shamus McFox

“No one calls me chicken!”

Shamus McFox takes offense to anyone who calls him coward and will never run away from a fight.

The Norwegian

“There will be blood, the land demands it.”

The Norwegian is the former Head of Security for the Blackwater Rail Lines, his whip always at the ready to teach his enemies a lesson.