Savage Beasts Kickstarter Coming Soon!

I’m happy to more officially announce our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for our new expansion, Blackwater Gulch: Savage Beasts.

These beasts make up an all new faction ruled by the Skinwalkers, a race of vicious were-beasts, along with their minion creatures like the Chupacabras (pictured above), Jackalopes and more.

We’re expecting to launch the campaign in about 2 weeks, right now we are still working out pricing and also have to put together the intro video and other graphical elements. Our initial funding goal will be to cover the costs to produce models pictured above along with an updated rulebook. We also have many new models planned for stretch goals, including plenty of new human gang members. Our first stretch goal will be for the sculpts below, the werewolf Scout and Warden, along with the Werecatcher artillery piece.


We’ll continue to post new news as soon as we get it. Stay tuned!

Gangfight Games, August 9, 2015