New Blackwater Gulch Rules!

Howdy Pardners!

With the upcoming Savage Beasts expansion, we’ve decided to redo the current rulebook and include everything all in one place. Don’t worry if you still have the old book, it’s still valid. The new one just has the info for the beasts added in. We will have new books printed for the upcoming Kickstarter, and then will move to a print-on-demand format after that. We’ll also have a small “Savage Beasts” expansion book available to compliment the original rulebook, and the original book is also still good if you don’t want to play with monsters and prefer to stick to the more historical side.

You can download the PDF version here:

Blackwater Gulch Rules (Including Savage Beasts)

(You’ll see a bunch of empty spaces in the current PDF, this is reserved for art, diagrams and photos. We expect the final book to be around 88 pages.)

Some of the biggest changes for version 1.7, besides the addition of the Beast faction, are:

1. You no longer need to reach a 4 or 6 in a given attribute to learn a skill, now all skills are available and you can learn as many skills as your Intellect level will allow. So an Intellect of 4 means you can learn 4 skills.

2. Bounty hunter’s abilities are changing. Now, they will receive a +1D6 to hit against human targets. This is to compliment the Monster Hunter who will get +1D6 vs Beasts, and later on the Witch Hunter who will get +1D6 vs Undead.

3. Gamblers now receive an amount of lucky dice equal to their Quickness level, rather than just 1D6 before.

4. We’ve removed the rules for horses, mostly because we feel like they slow the game down too much and in a lot of cases don’t really make the game very fun. Plus we don’t have any current plans to make mounted models, there’s way too many on-foot models to do at the moment. We will have those rules available as an optional PDF shortly though.

5. We will be creating all new Character Cards for our previous models, and when they are sold out our new packaging will have updated cards. For now, you can continue to use the old cards, but we’ll be adding downloadable new cards soon, and will be offering a printed deck of cards in the upcoming Kickstarter. All previous henchmen characters will getting tougher and will now be professionals. In the new rules, you can create your own henchmen characters like before, but if you prefer to use our pre-made characters, the henchmen will be changing a little. We will be getting new minis sculpted and these new henchmen will be generic no-name townsfolk of different types, and each type armed with the same weapon, and sold 3 to a pack. So, you could get a pack of 3 Bandits with pistols, or 3 Crooks with Bowie Knives, etc.

6. When our current gang sets sell out, and we start producing new sets, we will be dropping the model count down to 3. You’ll get a Starter Gang with the leader and the 2 current professionals. The current 2 henchmen will get their promotion like I mentioned, and they will be sold in 2-man Gang Boosters. We also plan to add new characters to each gang, 2 per booster. Hired Guns and Artillery will remain as is, each sold separately. We wanted to do this to keep the prices lower, and to also give you a lot more flexibility when building your gangs. Our upcoming beasts will follow that same format, 3-model starters, 2-model boosters, single special critters, and 3-model minion packs.

Whew, sorry that was so long, but that about covers it! We are still waiting on our new master miniatures to paint before we can get our Kickstarter going, so now it’s looking like early-mid August for that. June sure flew by fast. We’ll be sharing pics of stuff around the web as we get it, as usual!

Gangfight Games, June 24, 2015

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