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gatlinggunHowdy folks! We have a few new things coming out soon, and it’s time to share! Coming in June we will be releasing the Gatling Gun for Blackwater Gulch! Up until now this was only available as part of the Wilde’s Rangers starter set, but now it will be available separately. I’m assuming the price will be $5, but we are still waiting to hear from the manufacturer before we’ll know for sure.


Next up, in July, we will be releasing new Missile and Blaster Drones for Mechadrome. These new versions will be slightly smaller than the originals and were designed to fit on a 40mm base. The former Crawler Drone will become the Missile Drone, and the Rover Drone will become the Blaster Drone. We also have an all new light blaster turret for the new drone, and this turret will also be compatible with light mechs. We plan to also release a new Free Agent to utilize this new turret shortly 🙂

You can click the pics for larger versions.

Next up, we have new Kickstarter plans that we have been posting on our forums lately.

In June or possibly July we plan to launch our Blackwater Gulch Savage Beasts campaign. This will feature the new Werewolf and Chupacabra sculpts along with a new Monster Hunter hired gun and a new artillery piece, the Impaler. It will be a short 2-week campaign designed to get the new sculpts funded and if things go well we have other new beasts planned for stretch goals.

As soon as the Savage Beasts rewards start shipping we will switch to Mechadrome and do a new campaign for the Terran Heavy Mech model, probably around September or October. This will also be a 2 week campaign just designed to fund the heavy mech and maybe a couple of extras for stretch goals.

In the future we will be doing more “quick & small” campaigns like this, designed to just fund a few things that we can produce and fulfill quickly rather than very large projects that can drag on and on. After the Heavy Mech, we will move back to Blackwater Gulch and focus on the Undead faction, but that won’t be until early next year.

So that’s where we’re at now! Stay tuned, we’ll have more details to share on the Kickstarter campaigns and other releases soon 🙂

Gangfight Games, May 18, 2015

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